Butterflies Day Nursery in Meltham

At Butterflies Day Nursery and Pre-school, we aim to provide new experiences for the children every day.

The Baby Room

We have a large Baby Room with a conservatory for babies from 0 months to 2 years. The room is bright and cheerful, with plenty of shiny and colourful things to look at. Meals are freshly prepared by our cook and eaten in the room. Special dietary requirements are catered for.

We structure the day in a way that gives time and space for babies to play with the toys, to listen to the music, to learn about interesting colours, shapes and sounds, to sleep, eat and drink. When old enough,children play with water, and start to paint and print.

An outdoor play area is available which is "baby friendly" sheltered and secure. Diaries are kept for every child, which give parents a written record of their child's day.

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Qualified day care for children from birth through the Early Years Foundation Stage.
Call Butterflies Day Nursery and Pre-school in Meltham on 01484 854 844

The Over 2's Room

In the over 2's we care for children between 2 and 5 years.

There are 4 play areas:

The Activity Room provides space for fun and messy activities, sand and water  play, painting, junk-modelling, play dough and baking.

The Quiet Roomprovides a comfortable carpeted area to retreat to, with beanbags, cushions and lots of books. In here staff will tell stories, sing songs and also learn letter sounds using flash cards.

The Main Nurseryoffers a home corner, role-play, a construction area, mark making, and a computer area. As they get older, children are encouraged to get involved in pre-school activities, such as recognising letters and sounds through the 'Jolly Phonics' scheme and they learn to write their names, to help prepare them for school. We cover all areas of curriculum by organising a variety of activities around a chosen theme. Our planning throughout the nursery follows the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum outlined by the government for children 0-5 years.

The outside has a playground and a grassy sheltered gazebo area with planters for growing vegetables. The Over 2's have easy access to Outdoor Play that is safe and secure, in which the children can run around, climb and ride tricycles in total safety.

During meal times children are encouraged to eat a varied and healthy diet and learn table ettiquette and good manners.

We are very pleased to be holders of the Healthy Choice Gold Award presented by the Local Authority for the cleanliness of our kitchen and the quality and freshness of our food. Our menus are carefully planned to offer a nutritious and balanced diet for the children. Special diets can be catered for, as we have all our meals prepared and cooked on site by a qualified cook.

Many children in this room require a daytime nap, and we have a dedicated Quiet Room to provide a quiet rest area in the middle of the day for those that need sleep.

We issue a termly newsletter to help keep parents up-to-date with events in the nursery.

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